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Our dedicated client service team is available to answer your questions regarding our products and services, five days a week, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Mountain Standard Time.

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For 20 years we have been widely involved in the food service business. Whether you have one location or 5000, our expertise in dry blending ensures that the unique flavors as well as customer experiences that continue to bring your customers back remain consistent no matter which of your location they visit.

We have built solid relationships with major vendors and distributors and built a logistic department that can take care of all details to make sure you receive your products promptly and continuously.


With the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY, we can blend any amount from 500 lbs. to a truckload of your proprietary formulas. These are properly safeguarded to ensure they remain your intellectual property. In addition, we can offer you “floor stock agreements” that enable you to have critical ingredients ready to ship in a moments notice. For more info drop us a line or see our custom product page.


From as little as 1/2 oz. to 50 lbs. we have extensive retail packaging capabilities and services. Bags, pouches, plastic or glass bottles, labeling and case assembly. We offer a turn key approach in efficiently manufacturing your products, keeping overhead cost down and allowing you to focus on the sale and marketing of your products. For basic info and resources on co-packing give us a call to 303-308-8066 or drop us a line.


If a desired flavor or product is not included in our library not to worry; Our Research and Development team can assist in formulating a custom flavor and set up a system to meet your needs. And if you don’t have a product formula, just send us the product itself. Our staff has the technical expertise and capability of duplicating existing flavor profiles. See our custom product page.


Our technical group stands ready to assist you with alternative process development and validation. Our consultants will work with you to develop your custom process and will assist with the experimental design and conduct the necessary tests to meet the USDA requirements. For more info drop us a line. 


Whether we produce your proprietary recipe or chose from our library, we can provide an extensive and complete Private Label program for your supermarket, specialty retail store or catalog. We can assist with graphic design services for logo, labels and/or packaging. If needed, we can also assist in the procurement and inventory of your selected packaging. Private labeling products is a great way to expose your branding and we can assist you in all the necessary steps. Our R&D team is always available to develop new flavors and our logistic team can’t wait to get it out to your customers or distributors. For more info drop us a line.